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Metal Die-Casting

Apollo is one of the leading full service Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium Die Casting Company in Asia. Strategically located throughout China, we are more than a die casting company. We are a solution provider offering a wide array of capabilities and services.

Our casting capabilities are vast. Our aluminum die casting customers are supported with die casting machines that range from 400 ton to 1800 ton. Our zinc die casting customers benefit from both small machines, and conventional machines that range up to 500 ton.  We also offer impressive magnesium capabilities with machines ranging from 150 ton up to 350 ton.

Apollo offers unmatched value added services that include engineering support, design, shot blasting, complex machining, impregnation, tumbling, chromating, wet painting, powder coating, polishing, assembly and other finishing services.

This is all just a sample of what Apollo has to offer.  We are also a Tier 1 provider to several customers, managing all aspects of their supply chain. We are truly a one stop shop for your die casting needs and beyond.

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