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Cable Assembly


If you are looking for a wide range of cost-effective cable assembly solutions, then look no further than Apollo Electronics. All facets of our customer service, including design and development capabilities, material acquisition and manufacturing, keep our customers connected and competitive.


Apollo Electronics uses the highest quality materials, components, and workmanship to design, develop, and manufacture cable assemblies. Our automated preparation systems empower us to supply your prototype or production requirements in a timely manner.


Our advantages include:

  ·  Custom Cables Produced to Specification

  ·  Micro-coax/Micro-miniature Assemblies

  ·  RF Cables Assemblies

  ·  Over Molded Assemblies

  ·  Customized, Build to Print Capabilities

  ·  Prototype and Pre-Production Units for Evaluation

  ·  Low Volume/High Mix

  ·  High Volume/Low Mix

  ·  Computer-Generated Drawings and Documentation

  ·  Tooling and Testing Development

  ·  Customized Connectors

Our customized assemblies provide solutions for virtually all market sectors. Apollo Electronics is prepared to help our customers achieve their goals through an integrated system of services that will foster a strong and collaborative relationship. We are prepared to be your most reliable and accomplished supplier of cable assembly requirements.

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