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50 years ago, Apollo was the very first company in Taiwan to manufacturer inductors/filters. Today, we continue to manufacturer such products for a long list of customers in telecommunications, computers, medical devices, instrumentation and consumer electronics. 

Apollo''s Sunhalo and Suntech plants have been producing 600-800 million pieces of coils to Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe annually.

Unlike many of the brand name companies, none of our inductors are off-the-shelf products. All of the coils are custom designed to meet your specific requirements. We guarantee our quality will surpass the brand name products with the low-cost advantage.

Due to our strong R&D capabilities and versatile equipments, we can make almost all types of inductors/filters, but our strongest areas are as follows:

• Surface mount inductors 
• Surface mount power inductors
• High current power inductors
• Pin Type power inductors
• Common-mode chokes
• Power inductors
• Toroidal coils
• Ring inductors
• HF coils
• Bobbinless coils
• MF Inductance coils
• Wirewound chip inductors
• Planar transformers and inductors
• Tunable and fixed RF inductors
• EMI/RFI filters
• RFID transponder coils
• Wideband RF transformers
• High frequency power magnetics

Please send us your current list of inductors/filters, and you will be surprised how much money you can save.

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