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Stylus Pen for POS / Touchscreen Devices

Apollo specializes in the design and manufacturing of stylus pens for POS terminals,  mobile devices and a wide range of consumer electronics devices with touchscreen.

The stylus pen can be one of the most representative technology gadgets in this century. With the increase population of touch screen users, the need of related devices springs out for different demands. Normally, the stylus pen is designed for replacing your finger drawing or sketching on the screen since there are applications available on which allow you simply write on the screen. This may seem like a simple technology, but many intricate design and manufacturing details are very difficult for most of the company to master.

Why should you work with us on your next Stylus Pen project?

• We make over 6 million Stylus Pens for the POS market annually
• We have over 15 years of experience in this area
• Your pen can be made with plastic or metal
• Specially engineered long-life tip materials can help you extend the life of your pen
• Custom connectors are available
• Extensive cable, connectors, and pen tip testing with robots
• We can also design and manufacturer all types of high-end Capacitive Pens
• Supports RoHS and WEEE requirements

If your current stylus pens are not working to your expectations, please contact us!

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