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Digihead / Magnetic Head with F2F Decoder Chip

  • Single Track Digihead
  • Dual Track Digihead
  • Triple Track Digihead
  • Apollo’s Digihead is designed for POS and portable terminal applications. By using our low-power chip technology, Digihead can read up to three tracks of data with a single swipe bi-directionally. If you are looking an easy and affordable magnetic head that can ouput in full strength TTL signal, Digihead is what you have been looking for. Please contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

    Product Features:

    l Built-in F2F Decoder IC
    l Outputs full strength TTL signal   
    l Drop-in design for use in existing POS and swipe reader applications
    l Reads one track of information, bi-directionally
    l Increases reliability - cleaner output signal 
    l Maintains compatibility with existing designs 
    l Superior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn MagStripe cards
    l Custom mountings, cables, fpc, connectors, and card rails available

    Exterior Dimension: (Unit: mm)


    Item:Core Material:Spec:
    Card Standard ISO 7811 Track 1 or 3
    Card Recording F2F Format
    Output TTL Compatible
    Power Supply DC. 3V or 5V
    P.S. Current 8 mA max
    Effective Track Width 1.6 mm
    Case Resin Material Epoxy Resin
    Min. PassesHard Permalloy Cores500K
    Min. PassesSendust Cores1000K


    Customization Availability: Custom mountings, cables, FPC, connectors, and card rails could be provided with the assembly as per customer requirement or specification

    Download File: AP-DH1XXX series.pdf

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