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Bend and Torsion Testing

Q-Card Bend and Tortion Card Durability Tester

• Heavy duty motor and construction for production testing
ISO Monoflex Model - monoflex, dual axes testing to ISO flex standard
Also performs tortion testing
Includes a counter and controls to run tests for specific numbers of cycles - stopping point 300,000 cycles maximum
Fully adjustable cycle speeds - 0 to 70 cycles per minute
Fully adjustable amount of flex, and bend (ISO Model)
Models for use with 110 and 220 VAC
Tests up to 6 times faster than competing models
Tests plastic ISO standard cards 0.25mm to 1.2mm thick
Optional capability to test other cards
Super clear, scratch resistant (Lexan) safety hood
Pauses the jaws when hood opens
Built to last
Easy-to-use control panel allows users to set speed, counters, load and unload positions, jogging for easy card access and many more functions.
Meets ISO standards for Flexure.
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