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CQM Testing Services

CQM Testing Services

Q-Card Laboratories, an independent magnetic stripe and smartcard test facility, owns and operates both MasterCard approved CQM (Card Quality Management) testing equipment as well as a full range of independent state-of-the-art physical, magnetic stripe or chip card testing solutions, making us uniquely qualified to be the leader in MasterCard CQM testing.

Because we ensure CQM compatibility when it comes to the reliability and usability of smartcard hardware, vendors know that with us, they can accurately qualify their finished cards or card components.

From failure analysis testing to expert consulting Q-Card is the one to turn to for MasterCard CQM.

Third Party Verification for New Card Materials

"Green" and "Sustainable" Materials
• BioPVC
Biodegradable and Compostable
Corn and other PLAs (Polylactide Acids)
Recycled content

We''re the Experts in New Card Materials
Physical Testing (life, durability, delamination, bend and torsion, many more)
Functional Testing (antennas, rfid, magnetic stripe, many more)

Certification Experts
We can help you get certified for ASTM, CEN, ISO and DIN standards, plus the new ICMA eco label standards
o ICMA EcoLabel
o ASTM 6400, 5338
o CEN (European Standardization Committee) EN13432
o ISO 14855, 17088, 20200, 16929
o DIN V49000 (German Institute for Standardization)

How to Get Started
Contact us to speak with one of our experts. We can help guide you through this emerging growth market of new materials for cards. Ask for a free copy of "Verifying Environmental Responsibility", a presentation about new card materials given at a recent ICMA meeting to card manufacturers from around the world. Email us at mailto:matthewy@apolloelectronics.com or call
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